No Deposit Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

The no deposit casino bonus is probably one of the most lucrative incentives provided to new players. There are no cash or deposit requirements, which enables players to test the casino games without risking a financial loss.

Is the no deposit bonus, however, always such a lucrative opportunity? The following FAQ section will address some of the most common concerns that newbies in the online gaming field could have.

How are No Deposit Bonuses Claimed?

There are three options for claiming a no deposit bonus. There may be a coupon code that will trigger the incentive. In other instances, the new player will have to contact the casino support via live chat and request the activation of the bonus. The third possibility involves an automatic bonus that becomes available immediately after the verification of a new player account.

What are Wagering Requirements and How do They Affect Bonuses?

The play-through amount required to qualify for a withdrawal of the amount that you’ve won is known as wagering requirement. If your no deposit bonus is 20 dollars and the wagering requirement is 20x, you will have to win 400 dollars before getting to cash the amount out. Always check the wagering requirements in advance to make sure that you have a good chance of cashing out your no deposit bonus.

What Wagering Requirements Count as Reasonable?

There could be major discrepancies between wagering requirements. The typical range for no deposit bonuses is from 20x to 40x. Keep in mind that wagering requirements of 50x or even higher will make it almost impossible to cash out the bonus.

Is It Important to Assess the Reputation of a Casino before Claiming a No Deposit Bonus?

The reputation of the casino that you sign up for will determine whether you’ll really get to benefit from the no deposit bonus. Some rogue casinos that have such bonuses may rely on a shady practice known as winnings confiscation. Investigate casinos before signing up or making a deposit – there’s a lot of online information that will help you pick the most reputable online casino.

Who can Get a No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus is usually provided to stimulate new players that have just signed up. It may also be provided as a part of a casino’s loyalty program.

Who is Not Eligible for a No Deposit Bonus?

There could be certain restrictions in terms of getting a no deposit bonus. These should once again be explained clearly in the casino’s terms and conditions. Individuals from a restricted country, players living in the same house and having the same IP or individuals trying to claim two no deposit bonuses in a row may be ineligible.

Who’s Considered a No Deposit Abuser?

Individuals that abuse the bonus system may be restricted from getting bonuses in the future. These individuals are known as bonus abusers. For most casinos, abuse is defined as receiving the same bonus time and time again. Thus, to prevent abuse, you will need to make a deposit between claiming two no deposit bonuses.

Can the Winnings Earned from a No Deposit Bonus be Cashed Out?

There could be specific conditions that have to be met before a player withdraws the amount earned through the use of a no deposit bonus. Some casinos will ask players to make a deposit before withdrawing anything. No deposit bonuses could be classified as cashable and non-cashable. Cashable bonuses allow the withdrawal of earnings. Non-cashable bonuses cannot be withdrawn, the earnings will be deducted during the next payment processing.

How Long is a No Deposit Bonus Valid?

The amount of time available for claiming and for using the bonus will differ from one casino to another. For some casinos, there’s a 30 day validity period. The bonus becomes valid after it gets claimed and after its validity expires, all winnings are considered null.

Should I Claim the No Deposit Bonus?

Claiming the no deposit bonus is one of the best opportunities for testing the casino and its games. You have nothing to lose, as long as you understand all of the relevant terms and conditions.