Online Casino Bonuses 101

There are plenty of online casino bonuses that you can benefit from. These bonuses allow you to win more coins during your play. Not all of the bonuses that are offered will be the same. It can depend on the casino where you play. It can also depend on the type of game you are playing. It is to your advantage as a player of online casino games to understand the bonuses offered.

Many of them are offered as an incentive to get you to sign up for play at a particular online casino or to try a particular game they offer. As you understand these bonuses, you can determine what you will qualify for. You can also decide which offers you would like to pursue and those you will pass on.

No Deposit Necessary

When you see a no deposit necessary type of bonus, the online casino would like you to sign up with them. They are offering you a chance to create an account, to get coins to play with, and you don’t have to deposit any of your own money. Why would they make such an offer? The goal is to get you involved in playing on their site. They are confident you will enjoy the games and the atmosphere so much you will play with your own funds once you have spent the deposit they gave you for opening an account.

Most of the online casinos limit you to only one no deposit necessary free play opportunity. Of course you can always set up accounts at other online casinos and benefit from such offers again and again. However, most players want to secure accounts at one or two online casinos they are comfortable with. They want to play within those realms rather than jumping around all the time.

Sign Up Bonus Funds 

Perhaps the most common type of online casino bonus offered is the sign up bonus. When you create a new account, you can qualify. Typically, such an offer allows you to get free funds into your account based on what you have already deposited. For example, they may match your amount of deposit up to a certain amount. To make the deal sweeter, they may offer you bonuses on your 2nd and 3rd deposits too.

Free Spins 

You may be offered a certain number of free spins you can use on specific slot machine games by the online casino. It is important to find out what the terms are of this type of bonus offer. For example, will the free spins be paid out at the lowest amount or the maximum bet amount. There is no guarantee you will win from these free spins. However, if you do, what you win is yours and it is deposited into your account.

Reloading Bonus 

Many online casinos show appreciation when you add more funds to your playing account. This is called reloading. Essentially, any time you add funds to your account after your initial deposit it is a reload. The may match that deposit amount, give you free spins, or give you some other type of reward. The amount you deposit and your frequency of pay can influence the rewards you earn.

Rewards or Loyalty Program

Online casinos realize you have plenty of choices about where you will play. They want to say thank you to you when you play on their site often. As you play, you can earn points that go into your account. The benefits from a rewards or loyalty program can vary by site. Some of the common benefits include VIP status, entry into tournaments, and the ability to exchange a certain number of points for funds deposited into your player account.

Cash Back

Who doesn’t like some additional money in their pocket? That is the concept behind a cash back bonus offer. Typically, the site is going to offer the chance to earn those funds on certain days or during certain blocks of time. They do so in order to increase traffic during slower periods of time. The amount of cash back you can earn can be from 1% to 10% of what you wager during that specific period.

High Roller Rewards

Just like a walk in casino, online sites are going to be very generous to their high rollers. If you are wagering large amounts of money to play the games, it won’t go unnoticed. The specifics of these rewards will vary by site. They are going to be enticing though so you don’t venture off and wager that money at the site of one of their competitors.


Take your time to read the terms and conditions of any bonus offer presented. If you aren’t sure what it all means, ask the support team. Never make assumptions as it could turn into quite a disappointment. When you carefully evaluate online casino bonuses, they can work to your advantage.