Casino Whoring 101

If you are a bonus hunter, then you need to read this informative overview of the dos and don’ts for casino bonuses. While playing the bonuses, there are things you can and cannot do. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up being labeled an abuser and your account might end up banned. There are some very simple things for you to do to make the most of casino whoring, without getting in trouble.

We begin with a simple checklist that one should follow:

  • Always play the smallest bet possible. This reduces your risk of hitting a losing streak and losing your funds.
  • Follow any online casino playing guides you find. As these will maximize your earning potential.
  • Never increase your bets to compensate a loss. Instead, keep things steady. You will end up ahead in time.
  • Don’t make multiple accounts trying to cheat the system.
  • Do read the terms associated with the bonuses.

Now, it is important to remember that most bonuses are offered to new players. These bonuses to do business with a particular online casino. Once you’ve received a bonus, the casino will assume you know what they offer. Their goal is to draw in new business and get you hooked on a game. Some will entice you to maintain a balance with some kind of bonus. Others will pay you an additional bonus for each deposit you make up to a certain amount. It is a good idea to take advantage of these bonuses when available.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

The fine print on your bonus. No casino will give you money and then allow you to remove it. Instead, the casino places restrictions on the funds and if you are ahead after you’ve played through your bonus, you may cash out. It is critical that you read the requirements of the casino bonus before you accept it.

Types of Bonuses

In addition to the wagering requirements, an individual should know the different types of bonuses. There are several that are the most common.

  • Cashable – A bonus that is added to your account balance. This balance is yours to keep, if you meet the requirements.
  • Flexible – A combination of cashable and phantom funds. In this case, chips begin as phantom and as you win, the winnings become cashable.
  • Safety-Net – A newer type of bonus. Players first play with their own funds and the bonus is played at the end. If you have a good win and want to cash out, you can do so. However, you sacrifice your bonus.
  • Post-Wager – A Bonus that is added to your account only if you meet all the requirements first.
  • Sticky – Bonuses that remain in your account until used. You cannot cash them out ever. But you may cash out your winnings.
  •  Phantom – Bonus is removed when you request a payout. But has lower wagering requirements to initially use.

Betting Limits

To offset bonus whoring, many casinos have placed betting limits on their games. In this case, you often have to meet a certain minimum to use the bonus. For example, a bonus might require you do $6.50 pulls on slots to use the bonus.

Restricted Games

The games you are allowed to play are limited with many bonuses. Games where you have a better chance of winning are often not permitted. Typically, you’ll have a chance to play things like keno and slots with the funds. The exception being progressive slots where you could potentially hit the jackpot.

Prohibited Games

Until you have completed the terms of your bonus, you are not allowed to play specific games. It is important to read the requirements on ab onus first. While most reputable casinos don’t have this, on occasion these restrictions do appear.