Zone 21 Blackjack

Imagine playing a hand of Blackjack. The thrill and the excitement of the game, when suddenly everything you know is supercharged. Zone 21 is your favorite game, supercharged for incredible results. The game holds true to the traditional nature of the game. But it has been changed up to give you a competitive game that captures the soul of Vegas.

Bodog takes the standard online casino experience and expands on the rules of the game. This gives players a realistic variation of their favorite game. Gameplay is also faster, which helps to add to the thrill gambling has. There are no frills or slowly dealt hands. Instead, players shuffle through gameplay faster and experience more with Zone 21 Blackjack.

The game features a live dealer that gives players an authentic playing experience. If you’ve played in other online casinos, you’ve likely become accustomed to playing with a computer dealer. In this variation, there is an interaction between you and a living person. Those who are on the fence about playing at online casinos because of concerns about fairness find that there is less risk of manipulation in this variation.

Of course, the live action concept isn’t anything new. Zone 21 has created an empire with the live variations of classic casino games. They began with Baccarat and online gamblers quickly flocked. The gambling community celebrated the improved experience and Bodog decided to continue to expand their live action empire. Blackjack being the most logical transition.

Like other variations of the game, Zone 21 Blackjack has two cards dealt by the dealer to each player. Since an unlimited number of players are allowed to play at any given time, it can sometimes take a little bit to get initially setup. The Live Dealer places down the cards then the hands are inspected. If any player has won a 21, the round ends. Winning players are awarded their payouts. Then a new hand begins.

If no players hit 21, gameplay continues as usual. The dealer will deal cards to players until they reach a hard 21, have 6 cards placed or there is a bust. Then the house cards are dealt until a hard or soft 17 is met, the dealer has a card total that is between 18 and 21, or the dealer goes bust. Because the dealer is bound by these rules, you won’t have to worry about the dealer trying to get their hand higher than yours when their hold levels are reached.

This supercharged variation is quickly growing in popularity. The chances of winning big money at Zone 21 Blackjack is high. Players also appreciate the fast paced nature of the game. Especially since most hands result in several players experiencing a blackjack off the bat.

Fans of Blackjack should consider playing the next big thing for the game. It’s fast paced and you are certain to have a blast playing with it. More importantly, those who often feel isolated playing online games will find some comfort by playing with hundreds of people across the world. This method even allows players to meet new friends and potentially start a friendship with someone they might not otherwise have a chance to know.

Since being introduced in June 2014, the game has quickly become one of the most popular games Bodog offers. The game has continued to grow in popularity since its release and other live variations of popular casino games are being planned for online play. While the next live action casino game presented online hasn’t been announced yet, you can bet that when it is, Bodog will have another hit on their hands.