VT Vegas Strip Blackjack

Of all the games offered at a casino, Blackjack offers arguably the best odds for the players. Games that have a higher house edge are usually the ones that solicit the most noise from those playing them, such as the slot machines or the Craps table. However, when it comes to the game of Blackjack, even players that are not all that familiar and experienced with the game can enjoy winning. For one thing, the game of Blackjack is a really easy one to understand and play.

There are not a lot of rules and strategies for the novice player to learn and master, such as is the case with a game like Craps, for example. Playing Blackjack online is great way for beginners to get more familiar with the game and enjoy winning some money at the same time. Even more seasoned players enjoy playing the game online, especially because many offer exciting features as well.

There are many different versions of online Blackjack games available nowadays. Some are very realistic, from the graphics to the sounds. Even the Dealer’s voice adds an element of realism to the online experience. The VT Vegas Strip video Blackjack is enjoyed by many online casino game players. The game play is smooth and the graphics are attractive and realistic. In this particular version of the game there are no fewer than six standard decks of playing cards used, minus the Jokers, of course. The basic rules that govern the game of Blackjack apply to the VT Vegas Strip online casino Blackjack game as well. However, there are some rules that are somewhat contrary to what players might otherwise be familiar with.

In this version of the game, the Dealer will stand on a total of 17. As is usually the case, the Dealer has a card that is face-up for the player to see. If the Dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, the player then has the option to purchase insurance if they wish to. However, if the player chooses to split after they have decided to purchase the insurance they must understand that they then forfeit it. If the Dealer’s hand adds up to 21, a Blackjack, then the house wins as per usual.

As with a regular game of Blackjack, those that play the VT Vegas Strip online casino Blackjack also have the option of whether to split their cards if they want to. Splitting the cards happens when the player is dealt a pair of equal numerical value. Re-splitting, although sometimes prohibited with other online Blackjack casino games, is not prohibited in this version, however the player is only permitted to re-split twice.

The only occasion when a re-split is not permitted is when the player has a pair of Aces. If the player has split their cards and is then dealt an Ace or a card with a value of 10, the outcome is not considered to be a Blackjack. Instead it is counted as a regular 21. This means that if the Dealer gets a Blackjack the player’s hand loses. Also, even if the player wins with their hand, the payout will not be the same as that for a Blackjack 21.

Players may also take advantage of the “Double Down” feature in the VT Vegas Strip Blackjack game. When a player has been dealt a hand that they have chosen to split, they can then further increase their odds by “doubling” their hands. This option is not applicable to Aces that have been split, however. When it come to the payout schedule for the VT Vegas Strip online Blackjack game, players are awarded even money and are paid at a rate of 3:2. If the player wins after purchasing insurance then the payout is at 2:1. As in a real game of Blackjack, ties push and the player is given back the amount that they originally wagered.