Etiquette for Gambling at the Casino

Before you dive in and start playing games at any online casino, you need to familiarize yourself with the standard practices. Not knowing proper etiquette can ruin your time spent there. Not being informed doesn’t excuse poor behaviour. Learning the basics will provide you with a strong foundation. Then you can enjoy gambling online and not have to worry that you may be making it a difficult environment for other players.

Be Respectful

Just because you aren’t gambling in person doesn’t mean you don’t have to be respectful. You need to think about what you say and how you behave in regards to other players, the dealers, and support for the website. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you! If you have concerns or problems, effectively communicate what you need. A bit of courtesy can go a long way in successfully resolving conflicts.

Allow Support to do their Job

It isn’t going to do you any good to send in 20 emails in an hour about the same issue. Give support time to do their job. Many of the online sites have instant chat so you can immediately talk with a representative. Others have a ticket system or email contact and they will respond to you as quickly as they can. If they don’t respond to you within 24 hours, contact them again.

The reputable online casinos realize the value of excellent customer support. They are going to strive to provide you with the best experience possible. They don’t want you to take your funds and go gamble at the site of one of their competitors.

Don’t Abuse the Chat Box 

You will notice many online casinos give you the chance to chat with other players and the dealer of certain games. You can use the chat box to post comments. It is important to keep it all fun, encouraging, and positive. Don’t complain about losing your money or about how much you don’t like that particular game. Don’t accuse the online casino of cheating and don’t cuss.

Don’t get into debates with other players. If you feel someone is being disrespectful, report them. Let the casino facilitators step in to handle the situation. Make sure you report problems as that is what keeps these online casino sites being an inviting place to hang out.

Be Aware of Time

Many people like online gaming because they feel a bit intimidated sitting at a poker table or 21 table in real life. While you can take the time you need to place your bets and to make your decisions, be aware of that time. Don’t hold up everyone else in the game. Don’t get distracted and not continue play either. If you can’t continue playing for a period of time, get out of the game. This opens up your spot at the table for someone else to join in.

Be Helpful but not a Know it All

If someone asks for help try to offer it. If you have a good tip that you think another player can benefit from share it. However, you shouldn’t be a know it all and tell them you wouldn’t play that way or what they did was the wrong choice.

Know the Basics 

Before you start playing any game at an online casino, know the basics. Many of the sites offer tutorials that can assist you. There are also sites that allow you to try out games for free in a simulation mode. They can help you understand the game and the value of your chips before you start to play with other people.


While tipping the dealer is considered good etiquette, it isn’t mandatory. If you feel like doing it, by all means do so. It is never mandated though so don’t feel pushed into it. Many players will offer a tip when they win something significant at the game or they enjoy the dealer and their personality.