WG Classic Blackjack

Wizard Gaming (WG) is the company responsible for this interesting online version of the traditional casino blackjack. Realistic graphics and amazing casino sounds enhance the player’s experience and create the casino environment in a convincing way. The game has simple rules and is a great option for beginners. Here’s everything that you need to know about it.

Game Overview
The aim in blackjack is clear – you have to get a total card value that is greater that the dealer’s but the total should remain below 21.

WG Classic Blackjack could be labeled a traditional online version of the game. Anyone who has played blackjack in an actual casino will find the WG Classic experience quite similar. This game even comes with realistic card dealing sounds and the attention to detail is amazing.

The game is played with one deck of 42 cards on a layout with five spaces. Nonetheless, players are allowed to play only the central card space. Just a single bet can be made at a time and the same applies to hands being played.

WG Classic is an excellent option for beginners. The rules of the game are unchanged and the lack of modifications result in a smooth learning curve.

How to Play WG Classic Blackjack
As a standard blackjack game, WG Classic will be simple to play. All that you need to do is acquaint yourself to the traditional blackjack rules and probably practice a few hands before getting started seriously.

Keep in mind that some of the online game’s rules are a little bit different. The dealer has to stand on all 17’s and is also forced to hit 16. Players can double down on values like nine, 10 and 11. Doubling on a two-card hand that contains an ace is not allowed. Splitting is available only once. It’s not possible to split two 10-value cards that are not a pair. The dealer is not allowed to look under the hole card. The WG Classic blackjack payout is of three to two.

Anyone who needs to go through the rules quickly can simply click on the game rules button.

All of the game options, as well as the requirements are explained in detail. The other buttons and icons of the game are also positioned conveniently, speeding things up and making the interface highly intuitive.

WG Classic comes with an auto play mode. You can also use the re-bet option to use the same bet with every hand. There are no speed adjustment possibilities. In comparison to other blackjack games, WG Classic has medium speed.

WG Classic is the perfect game to start learning blackjack in the comfort of your home. There are no tricky variations or unique rules to memorize. The game is also great for low rollers who need to take their time before making a bet. The realistic experience and the traditional table layout contribute to a pleasant experience even further.

WG Classic Biggest Advantages
This game has several great advantages that determine its attractiveness:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Great sounds and graphics
  • Insurance available
  • A single deck game, which is perfect for beginners

A Few Shortcomings
Here are the most noticeable disadvantages associated to playing WG Classic:

  • Only one game speed available
  • Only one hand can be played at a time